As a homeowner, you probably want to have the best lawn possible and be the envy of the street. You want your neighbors to think the grass is always greener on the other side – your side! Good looking lawns attract attention and you could even get a comment here and there from passers-by. Of course, keeping your lawn in that type of condition is a lot of work, and you may want to consider hiring a professional lawn care company to do it for you instead.

Finding a Lawn Care Company

If you decide that becoming a lawn service customer is a better idea, then you should consider reading reviews. When a customer leaves a review about a service, it gives you a really good idea of what to really expect. This review must be honest and independent, of course, so that you really get to find out what others think. Consider Trugreen Lawn Care, for instance. The True Green reviews consistently discuss their professionalism and high quality. And you can also reply to reviews if you want more information.

Top Lawn Care Tips

There are also a couple of things that you can and should do yourself. Those include:

  1. You have to make sure that you start with the soil. The right soil ensures that all your plants, including your grass, will grow in a healthy and strong manner. The soil is the foundation of your lawn, so you should invest heavily in making sure it is the right type.
  2. You need to choose the right type of grass. The best type is one that is native to your area. If you pick a non-native grass, you will find that it needs a lot more maintenance than any other type. Native grass needs very little involvement, which means you don’t have to water or mow it as often as you would either. Colder climates fare well with bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and creeping red fescue. If you live somewhere hot, the zoysia is generally the best kind.
  3. You must apply fertilizers. Fertilization is complex and you have to use the right kind at the right time, the right volume, and the right frequency. Fertilizers ensure that your grass roots are able to become strong and last through the heavy use during summer and the dormant, cold periods in winter. Do make sure that your fertilizer contains trace elements, potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen, with the latter being the most important. And make sure it contains these elements in the right balance as well.

These are the three key tips to make sure you have a beautiful lawn. There is a lot more to it than that, however. You also have to mow it the right way and at the right time, water it properly, and decide when to rake the grass clippings and when to leave them. Then, you have to deal with weeds and potential pests. Clearly, speaking to a professional company is much easier.


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