4 Fun Ways to Spend Your Bitcoin


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If you’re one of the lucky people who managed to bag some bitcoin before it shot up in value over the past few months, chances are you’re looking for some fun ways to spend it. After all, while bitcoin may be extremely popular in some circles and are certainly worth a lot these days, actually finding somewhere to spend them can a bit tricky. Today, we thought we’d provide you with a list of place that will accept your cryptocurrency as a viable payment method.

Go Shopping


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Though bitcoins were first mined all the way back in 2009, we had to wait until 2014 for a popular online retailer to embrace the digital money. It was Overstock.com that initially accepted bitcoin as a legal tender, but now there are plenty of other e-commerce sites following suit. Now, you can shop at well-known online stores like Newegg, Shopjoy and Shopify all allow you to pay for goods using bitcoin. Unfortunately, more mainstream sites like Amazon and Nike for instance are yet to accept cryptocurrencies, but there is a way around this. By using mobile gift card providers like Gyft and eGifter you can purchase gift cards using your bitcoins and then spend them at hundreds of stores. You’re welcome!

Play Games

Considering it’s possible that bitcoins were created for online gamers in the first place, it is no surprise that many top games providers have started to accept bitcoins over the last few years. Particular companies of note are Microsoft and Zynga, the latter of which partnered with BitPay to ensure cryptocurrencies could be exchanged. Arguably, the industry that is making the most of bitcoins though is iGaming, otherwise known as online casinos and bookmakers. Sites such as gamble.io enable you to keep hitting the tables for some crypto blackjack and pulling the slots in exchange for bitcoins. Sites like this have streamlined using bitcoins so well that you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between bitcoin sites and those that use traditional currencies – you just know that they’re better because they come with the anonymity and extra security of cryptocurrencies.

Get Some Good Food

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While clothing and electronic retailers are still lagging a little, there are plenty of fast food and grocery sellers that have been on the bitcoin wagon for quite a while. Subway, Asian Bistro, Quizno’s Far West and Burger King are just some of these joints, while pizzaforcoins.com will let you swap bitcoins for pizza from numerous local pizza stores including Dominos.Plus, it is expected that McDonalds will begin accepting bitcoins soon. Meanwhile, for those looking to exchange their bitcoins for groceries there is Jons, Joseph’s Garden and BitcoinShop US to choose from, alongside more than a dozen other stores.

Go Traveling

Finally, if you are well and truly swimming in bitcoins you may want to consider using them to take the trip of a lifetime. Whether you’ve got a business trip to pay for or you simply want to go on holiday, there are plenty of sites that let you do this using bitcoins. Sites including Expedia, CheapAir and Bitcoin.Travel allow you to purchase flights, book hotels and even take a spot on a tour for just a few of your bitcoins. Alternatively, LOT Polish Airlines and Virgin Galactic also accept bitcoin, if you’re looking for extremely specific destinations.

These are just a few options for anyone who has plenty of bitcoin to throw about, so if you have any other great ideas please leave them in the comments below.

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