4 Top Holiday Gifts to Give Yourself


The festive season is a busy time. That can make it easy for your personal health and wellbeing to get pushed to the side. That can lead to the stress of the season negatively impacting your health. Don’t wait until your New Year’s resolutions to try to get back on track. Here are gifts that you can give yourself – or suggest to someone shopping for you – that will provide long-term benefits.


Whether you work out regularly or not, there is probably more you can and want to do with regards to your fitness. The festive season can be a particularly challenging time to maintain your fitness.

Consider using wearable fitness trackers and fitness phone apps. These can help keep you inspired or even give you a chance to compete with others to keep your fitness fun and exciting. Buy a new water bottle to remind you of your upcoming workouts and keep you hydrated. You can also look into local swimming pools with diving boards and gyms with climbing walls to add variety to your fitness plans.



The holiday season is a terrible time to try to make dramatic changes to your diet but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to incorporate better health into the festive season. Great gifts include subscriptions to health or fitness-related magazines so you’ll have a reminder and inspiration for the coming year. A subscription to a wine of the month plan or healthy food delivery service can help keep you on the right track.


Your wellbeing is more than just your physical health. Keep your brain in top condition by continuing to learn and develop new skills. Stop procrastinating and sign up for classes to further your career. Try a new hobby by taking scuba training or signing up for art classes. If you’ve always wanted to try rock climbing, this could be the time to sign up for training at a close gym. From a few hours spent learning how to make chocolate or cook to signing up for university classes, there are endless options for expanding your horizons.

If your budget is tight, look for cheaper options. Your local hardware store may offer classes on how to install tile or perform home repairs.

Check with your local city or library to see if they offer classes. If that fail, try learning on your own with books from the library or how-to videos on YouTube. By focusing on gifts with long-term value, your festive times don’t have to end with the winter holiday season.


How’s your bucket list? If you’ve been putting off explorations, now could be the time. Go with someone or go alone. Whether it is a dream trip across the world or simply a trip across town to explore something new, don’t delay. Gifts like this help to keep your mind rejuvenated and provide a welcome break from your daily routine. Even trying a new restaurant can add new fun to your life.

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