5 Reasons Why Portugal is Safe for Girls Solo Travel  


Travelling solo can be incredibly daunting, and for a lot of females it can make them feel very vulnerable and uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. But, on the other hand, travelling solo can be very rewarding and can allow you to create a multitude of amazing memories and make a whole host of new friends and acquaintances. Now, in a country such as Portugal with all of the fantastic cities that need to be ticked off your bucket list, it can mean quite a lot of hopping from one destination to another. This can leave you with a lot less time to actually do the important things like trying amazing food and immersing yourself in different cultures.

Therefore, we suggest that you find an efficient form of travel that will allow you to get around much faster, and it can be totally up to you. Whether you fancy purchasing a cheap moped to whizz around in, or hiring a car with holidayautos.co.uk, the options are endless. Once you have arranged a form of transport that suits your needs, you can begin making your way around Portugal and experiencing what it has to offer; it is a beautiful country with stunning architecture, beautiful beaches and rich history, and most of all it is safe for females who are travelling solo. Below are the top 5 reasons why…

English Widely Spoken

English is a very wide-spread language, and it is spoken by the vast majority of people throughout Portugal. This is a great positive as it means you’ll never end up feeling alone and lost with no means of communication. However, if you are an avid backpacker and love to travel solo, you may enjoy trying to learn a few Portuguese phrases to integrate yourself into their culture more.

It’s simple to navigate your way around

Whether you choose to hire a car, or opt for the public transport, it is very easy to get around and very difficult to get lost.

The roads are very well thought out and the public transport system is admirably affordable and straight-forward. Now, if you do lose your bearings, it will be easy to amend as like we’ve already mentioned, most people speak English.

Friendly People

Most places in the world are saturated with friendly people, but Portugal is one where everyone is smiling and enjoying the sun. This is very important, as when travelling alone you need reassurance that people are welcoming.

Many solo travellers

Solo travellers love heading for Portugal, and this means there is a plethora of delightful hostels and places to say, which subsequently allows you to build bonds with like-minded people.

It isn’t overwhelmed with tourists

Unlike a lot of popular countries around the world; Portugal isn’t too commercialized which enables you to fit in as a local pretty quickly. In addition, the crowds won’t be too hectic and you’ll be able to safely enjoy what the various cities have to offer.

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