5 Tips for How to Read Faster

Everyone wishes they could read faster, even the fastest readers out there. If you make more time for reading, and also read faster, you will reach your goal in no time at all. In this article, we discuss 5 tips for how to read faster without skimping on comprehension.

5 Tips for How to Read Faster

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Skim or Scan the Text First

Skimming and scanning are two techniques that involve looking for the most relevant information first. This primes you for what’s to come. Because you’re now familiar with the main parts, that means you will not be slowed down by confusing parts when you come to them. Also, note that skimming and scanning can be applied to fiction too. All you have to do is skim the chapter for key points of dialogue, character development as well as major plot points. In that way you can master reading faster just like when your place your bet at an online casino of your choice.

Stop Subvocalizing

Subvocalizing is speaking the words in your head. Ultimately, this slows down your reading to speaking speed. Did you know that your eyes and brain process words faster? Yes! Try stopping the voice in your head in order to double your reading pace.

Read Phrases, Not Words

Try to take in phrases of text at a time and not individual words. Did you know that you can read up to 9 words at a time? Of course, you can! This is because your eye span is 1.5 inches long. Try to look at every 5th word or so. This will allow you to take in more at once.

Did you know that you can read up to 9 words at a time? Of course, you can! This is because your eye span is 1.5 inches long

Quit Re-Reading

Stop trying to fully comprehend everything that’s being said or is going on in the book. That way, you stop wasting time re-reading paragraphs that you’ve already read.

Read More

Reading is a skill that actually takes time to develop. You only get better by doing it more. Set goals, it’s not silly! The more books you read, the faster you get at reading them. here are the New York Times best selling books for this week.

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