5 ways to say ‘thank you’ to the ‘Superman’ or ‘Wonder Woman’ in your life this Christmas

Whether you need a gift for your superhero spouse or your marvellous mum, comics can offer inspiration a-plenty when it comes to Christmas shopping. So why not put some ‘POW’ into the festive season with our guide.

Superheroes have many characteristics, from superpowers to a cool sidekick, an alter ego or even a rather breath-taking origin story. Using the themes of superheroes there are some pretty awesome present ideas out there…

  1. Superpower

Who wouldn’t want a superpower – and those special superheroes in your life probably have one too if you think hard enough.

Your Dad’s superpower may be telling jokes, so surprise him by being the one to make him laugh for a change and buy him a few amusing stocking fillers like a Whoopee Cushion or beer flavoured Popping Candy. Guaranteed to entertain everyone else in the room too!

Perhaps the Wonder Woman in your life needs some inspiration to help to unleash her true superpower. Book them an adrenalin-fuelled drive in a racing car, or perhaps horse riding is something they’ve wanted to do for years but never quite dared. Maybe they’ve always wanted to fly a plane and pretend they’re one of Charlie’s Angels or zoom across the sea in a speedboat while they fantasise about being James Bond himself.

  1. The origin story

If your superhero is more of a cerebral type and prefers the story behind it all, let them delve deeper into their own imagination.

Comic book heroes all have an incredible story of how they became the hero they are today.

Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider to become Spider Man, Wonder Woman was gifted with her strength from the Greek Gods, and Batman witnessed the tragic murder of his parents as a child. Maybe your superhero friend or family member would love to put into words their own backstory. Sign them up for a creative writing course, or maybe you could write them a poem about their life to show how much you care for them this Christmas.

If writing isn’t their thing, maybe theatre tickets or a book voucher in their stocking is the way to let them wander off into a world where they can enjoy someone else’s story.

  1. Their base is everything

Home to a superhero is where they re-energise their power and seek sanctuary against the big world that waits outside. If your Batman is just as keen on his bat cave, use it as inspiration for the perfect gift.

For a real treat, plan a bit of a party and hire a chef for a lavish dinner – just like Bruce Wayne would – or if your budget doesn’t quite allow that, host your own party in their lair. If they’re more of a refined type, make an afternoon tea with vintage plates, cups and saucers (find them in charity shops or you can even rent them from local suppliers).

The hero in your life may be touched by a photo in a frame, or a personalised gift they can put on display. There’s so many places you can buy personalised items now – from photos on cushion or coasters, to personalised placemats or pictures. It shows you’ve spent a bit more time planning and purchasing something you think they’ll love. If you’re feeling really flash then maybe you could even get crafty and make something yourself.

  1. The Hero’s Journey

The journey is everything for the superhero. They often face a challenge they must overcome to help make things better for everyone. Maybe your superhero wants a bit of a challenge too. Are they secretly harbouring a desire to learn a new skill – learning how to sew, bake or develop their photography skills? If so, buy them a workshop session for a day, these can be inexpensive if arranged through local groups.

Perhaps there is an experience they’ve always wanted to push themselves to do? It could be learning to swim or trying out a Segway for a day. Make it happen for them.

If money is a problem, create your own challenge, or challenges, with a games night at your own Fortress of Solitude, where you supply the beer and snacks with your superhero coming over as the star guest.

  1. Their Weakness

Even superheroes have weaknesses, and the superhero in your life probably does too. Be it chocolate or the odd tipple, it’s a guaranteed win on Christmas morning. A bottle of wine or whiskey is going to be well received by everyone, or buy some fancy new glasses for them to drink out of. Many local microbreweries or whiskey distilleries open their doors to the public which would be a great experience day gift too.

If chocolate is their thing, buy a big box of the best, or go for a personalised jar of Nutella. If you’re feeling a bit fancy then why not go all out for a trip to Cadbury World? Or perhaps send them out to a chocolate-focused cookery course to concoct their own creations!

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