A Summer Road Trip Around The UK

When it comes to road tripping, the UK is a destination that’s often overlooked, simply because of the tiny size of the nation. You can drive from one end to the other in around 16 hours – and besides, isn’t it all about London anyway? It’s that kind of attitude that will see you seriously missing out, because there are so many diverse cities and landscapes that will take you forever to fully explore.

In the summer, they add an entirely new dimension to it all, with thanks to a multitude of events. So, where should your stops be?

Liverpool – The Grand National

The UK’s 2008 Capital of Culture is famous for many different things – The Beatles of course being the biggest of all. But there’s also horse racing, football and even an amazing local dish called “scouse”.

If you’re planning to stop off, make sure it’s in April. The Grand National is the biggest day on the horse racing calendar –

If you’re planning to stop off, make sure it’s in April. The Grand National is the biggest day on the horse racing calendar – and the social one, too. It’s an excuse to dress up, have a drink and even throw on a bet or two. Not sure how it all works? Keep an eye on the odds for Cheltenham 2018 this month. If that’s anything to go by, it’s going to be exciting.

Cornwall – Boardmasters

Want to explore Britain’s beautiful coastline? Cornwall’s where it’s at. And every year there’s a festival right on its shore.

Head down to the South West for Boardmasters and attend a surf camp by day before watching the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Catfish and The Bottleman and George Ezra by night. This festival perfectly blurs the lines between extreme sports and music, and it even supports a good cause – Surfers Against Sewage, who work to help save the oceans and serve the greater environmental cause.

Brighton – Brighton Pride

No matter where you fit on the sexuality spectrum, being in Brighton around Pride is an experience. The city’s vibrancy truly comes to a head; it’s flamboyant at the best of times, but August is the epitome.

Unfortunately the Britney Spears headlining show tickets are tricky to get (fans actually crashed the website when they were released), but the event as a whole captures the essence of the UK’s so-called “gay capital”.

Leeds – Leeds Festival

… Or you could choose Reading; they both host the same event. The festivals are three straight days of some of the most eclectic musical artists performing live in a field. Taking place during the August public holiday, the festival is one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated in the country.

There’s something for everyone. This year the headliners are Fall Out Boy, Kendrick Lamar and Kings of Leon. Then throughout the bill you have everything from emo to dance to grime.

Oh, and it’s set in the heart of the stunning British countryside. Take the opportunity, if you opt for Leeds, to explore Yorkshire, and see why its residents are so full of pride.

So what are you waiting for? Get out of London on your next trip to the UK. You won’t regret it!

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