How to Become a Successful Freelancer


For many, it is the dream escape from the everyday routine of the 9-to-5 job. Others may find themselves almost forced into the lifestyle because of a volatile job market and today’s economic and employment climate. Whatever the reason, more and more people are finding themselves entering the freelance world, so it pays to find out how to make a success of it.

With so much uncertainty in employment these days, freelancing is becoming less of a niche area and starting to become part of the cycle of work. Individuals might become freelancers for a variety of reasons – and maybe then return to a salaried job – but there are several things that can be done to make sure time spent freelancing is as financially rewarding as possible.

Starting out

Preparation is the key to starting out as a freelancer regardless of the area of business. Many people fantasize about resigning and giving themselves the freedom of being their own boss and working on their terms.

 for a freelancer to become successful, he or she should be planning for the freelance life well ahead of time. The hard work should have already been done before the self-employment begins.

Using friends and contacts

Freelancers have to find their own clients and work because there is no one else to fall back on. That means contacting old friends and colleagues to alert them to the change in employment. This is especially important when an individual starts out as a freelancer, but it can be carried on throughout a career. As long as the work is performed to a required standard, former colleagues often become clients who will recommend the services provided to new clients.

Assistance with administration

A side of freelancing that puts many people off is having to sort out all the financial implications of having no boss. Accounts departments in a regular 9-to-5 job largely sort out taxes and pensions, but the onus is usually on the individual when it comes to freelancing. Using an umbrella company can remove many of those headaches. Working on different contracts but having a company sorting out tax and national insurance can really help, especially in the beginning.

Sell, sell, sell

Work does not just magically appear for freelancers. It is very hard work, and even when a contract is landed, there is the constant worry about finding more contracts to carry on when that one ends. Social media is a great tool for any freelancer to get their personal brand out there. It is also a great place to find jobs. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or any of the many other options available, freelancers need to market themselves wherever they can if they want to attract numerous clients.

Just do it

There is no guarantee of success when it comes to setting out as a freelancer, but the greatest piece of advice is to just get out there. Success ultimately comes from hard work.

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