The Best Games to Play Away: All You Need Is a Phone


When you’re travelling, there are often times where games are required to make time go faster. No matter whether you’re just passing time alone on public transport, or needing an urgent ice-breaker, you’ll be surprised at exactly what your phone can help you do.

It’s All About Those Apps

You don’t need to have access to consoles, new physical releases, or props. In fact, your phone is your biggest asset. When it comes to the facts, based on sample data from May 2016, almost half (43%) of the apps on the iPhone Apple Store were intended for the purpose of playing games. That’s a lot, especially when you consider other topics like business and news which aren’t accounting for an equal market share. It’s also projected that this figure will rise, and they say there will be 73% more apps by 2020.

Apps are easy, varied, and – ideally, for the traveller – they’re convenient to use while you’re on the go. There’s a simplicity of the interface which makes it attractive in many cases, and many require less data than websites.

Playing Alone

Some games need no human interaction, making them perfect for solo travel. Instead of having to find opponents, virtual ones are available at the click of the fingertips.

There are several categories in this demographic. Some people play games invented solely for passing time. They’re often free at the point of use, but players often spend actual money once they get into them. Candy Crush is one such example, and although monthly average users are down, people are becoming more invested in the game, quite literally. They’re now putting more of their own cash into it.

Other games reflect popular culture. 2016’s Pokémon Go was perfect for so many reasons, it was a mobile game that relied on people’s love of the franchise, but it also introduced “augmented reality” gaming to us; varying the experience players get depending not just on how much they play it, but where. It was 100% a game-changer.

Now, it’s not just new games which are being invented for apps. Many apps take classic games and give them a classic twist. iGaming – playing casino-style games online – is very popular, with everything from slots, bingo and table games being offered. You don’t need to be fixed in one place to await new releases, game releases can be easily found online, with new or updated slots such as Temple of Luxor or Six Acrobats becoming available on sites such as

Playing Together

Life as a traveller often means encountering new people. Games have always been a traditional ice-breaker, but they can fall flat unless they have structure.

Apps have taken these kinds of games into account, too, thanks to party games.

One really popular example is “Head’s Up”, which is just the digital version of the game where someone has a name on their head and they have to ask their team questions to guess who it is. It gets really competitive with a timer, and works really well in hostels or group travel situations.

Of course, whether you’re travelling alone or in a group, a phone is going to be incredibly handy. However, it also puts you at more risk. Never involve yourself so much in a game that you’re not aware of your surroundings – it’s simply not worth it.

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