Best Music College, How to Pick The Right One

music college

Finding the best college of you is not always easy and it is important that you lay out all of the specifications which you have before you begin your search. College is a very individual choice and a college that is great for one person, may not be great for another.

Last year I spent a great deal of time with my daughter, helping her to find the best music college for what she wanted to do within the industry. This was a testing time for both my daughter and myself as we trawled through college after college trying to get the best fit. Thankfully we eventually found the college for her and she is incredibly happy there. I wanted therefore to share with you some of the things that you should be looking out for when it comes to selecting a music college for you or your children.

Track Record

When it comes to learning about music, not everyone is guaranteed a position in this highly competitive industry once they have finished their education. In fact, there are more people who study music and go on to work in other industries, than there are those who stay within the field of music. With this in mind I felt that it was very important to find out what kind of track record a college has for ensuring that its students find work within the industry once they have finished their education.


You may think that top quality equipment with which students can use to learn would be a given for music colleges but this is really not always the case. During our search my daughter and I visited 4 colleges who had such outdated and old equipment that I really couldn’t justify spending money on sending her there. The level of equipment that you should be looking of is very important and whilst nobody expects the very latest in technological advancements, modern and fully functioning equipment is vital.

Teaching Style

My daughter reacts best when she is taught in a practical way and when she is given one-on-one instruction. Many colleges don’t agree with this teaching style and instead like to place their emphasis on the theory of music and teaching to large groups at the same time. Now, this approach may work for you or you may prefer to learn the same way that my daughter does, whatever the case it is important that you find out how the college likes to go about teaching its students, before you make your choice.

Cost and Location

Another consideration which you need to make in terms of deciding where you or your child goes to college will come down to the cost of the courses, and the location of the college. Some students like to get far away from home, others prefer to stay close, whatever the choice is, this should aways be factored into your decision.

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