The Best Weekend Sporting Trips

dallas cowboys

If you love sport and you love to travel, then why not travel for your hobbies? There are plenty of places throughout the USA for you to get your fix. With cheap flight options available, even those with little to no vacation time can enjoy a getaway with the added bonus of seeing their favorite teams up close. These trips are family-friendly and partner-friendly, meaning that you don’t have to travel alone!

New York

New York has an abundance of famous sporting teams, but if you’re a fan of baseball, you’ll want to visit the New York Yankees Stadium in the Bronx. The team have been around since 1901, which makes them somewhat of an American institution. Of course, the whole family can enjoy a trip with you to The Big Apple, with plenty of sightseeing options and of course, shopping and dining. The sports fans of the family can enjoy a trip to see the big game, while the kids can take in a show on Broadway. Everybody wins!


There are so many amazing and iconic NFL teams that it’s really hard to take your pick, but if you want an alternative to the top Superbowl teams, the Dallas Cowboys sure give them a run for their money. What makes this Texas team stand out is their incredible dedication to their cheerleading team, some of the world’s most famous. The cheerleaders and football players alike are fantastic athletes, worth making the journey for. Of course, if you’re bringing along friends, you can make it more fun by putting a wager on your favorites. You can find out the NFL odds on bet365, for an altogether more immersive experience.

The Dallas Cowboys are known as America’s Team and one of the most iconic in world sports.


Welcome to Miami, as the song says. The heat is certainly on, and not just because of those stunning beaches. Nope, Miami Heat bring plenty of action to this coastal Florida city, all of their very own. Their fast-paced basketball game matches the fast-paced nature of this city really well, and everyone will enjoy the atmosphere at the game; even newbies. Plenty of tourists venture on out to see the team play, as there’s plenty else to do there, too. Temperatures in the city are always balmy, meaning that it’s ideal year-round. Enjoy some dinner at Bayside on the harbor, or check out one of the beach clubs on South Beach.

Los Angeles

Everyone has to visit this city of dreams at least once, but if the bright lights of Hollywood aren’t what draws you in, you can check out the sporting scene instead. LA Galaxy soccer team bring a new lease of life into a sport which is so often ignored by American media. Playing as part of the Major Soccer League, they’re bound to bring you more than enough excitement. Of course, the beaches, theme parks and star-spotting also add another dimension to your visit and give you more than enough excuses to bring the entire family along. Just be warned – traffic can get a little crazy!

Travel is the perfect excuse to see more of the country – but it’s also the perfect excuse to check out the teams you love.

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