What a Career in As a Teacher Can Provide You With


If you have dreams of one day becoming a teacher at either high school or university level, it is important to know what to expect from such a job. I was lucky enough recently to have a chat with the remarkable Kevin Rolle, the Executive Vice President of Alabama University and a lifelong professional in the education sector. I had a chat with Kevin about what students can expect from a lifetime as a teacher, at whatever level they choose to work at. Here are some of the insights which the education guru had for me.

Personally Rewarding

The number one thing which this type of career can give you is personal reward and the joy of seeing a student flourish. Now, much of this is not instant and whilst you will see breakthroughs with your students from time to time, you may not feel rewarded until later in life. Kevin tells me that so many teachers aren’t sure what kind of job they do until they meet a student later in life who can’t speak highly enough about the encouragement and influence which a teacher has given them.


Unless you plan to get to the higher echelons of teaching and work in a university or something similar, teaching is not one of the best paid jobs in the country. With this being said however, there are many benefits which working in the public sector like this will give you. Most teachers have healthy retirement packages and healthcare insurance on hand and they can also count on job stability. There is no shortage of teachers right now but nor is the industry flooded and the amount of turnover in the job is very low.

Structural Growth

If you want to go higher in education and in terms of your career then you can find exactly this with a career in teaching. Those with lofty ambitions can work in roles such as Head of Year, Vice Principal or even the Principal itself. Throughout the education sector there is a clear route to the top and should you have the desire to climb the ranks, there is a clearly laid out route which you can take.

Worldwide Options

Teaching is a skill which is highly transferable and if you have a particular talent for being able to teach people information and inspire them to be better, you can do so just about anywhere. This is a great benefit for anyone who wants to move throughout the United States or even the world and without very much trouble you can find a teaching job just about anywhere.


Teachers may not always be respected by their students but they are always respected by the general public and parents. There are few jobs which offer this instant respect but teaching is most definitely one of them and with this respect comes the support which can help you to be the best at your job.

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