Things to do in London Throughout Winter

Regardless of the season, London still attracts thousands of visitors each week with tourists flocking from all over the globe to enjoy the sights and sounds of this iconic city. Despite the colder conditions, there is always plenty to do, with London offering some of the best pubs, galleries, markets, and parks in Europe. Source: Mike […]


Sporting events loved by the British people

The British enjoy a wide variety of live sporting events, with the national obsession for football rivaled by Formula 1, cricket, golf, rugby and tennis. Home to some iconic and prestigious competitions, the four nations take pride in having the eyes of the sporting world on the UK’s world-class tournaments that include The Ashes, The […]

5 ways to say ‘thank you’ to the ‘Superman’ or ‘Wonder Woman’ in your life this Christmas

Whether you need a gift for your superhero spouse or your marvellous mum, comics can offer inspiration a-plenty when it comes to Christmas shopping. So why not put some ‘POW’ into the festive season with our guide. Superheroes have many characteristics, from superpowers to a cool sidekick, an alter ego or even a rather breath-taking […]

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Greatest Movie Quotes of All Time

I have been obsessed with movies ever since I was a small child and even though the dynamic has changed somewhat since the inception of sites such as Netflix, I still love going to the movie theater. I went just last week with my regular movie partner Gregory Lindae, and we were talking about some […]


Areas of Consideration if You Are Interested In Cosmetic Treatments

I recently underwent some laser liposuction on my thighs at my local clinic Sono Bello, I thought long and hard about this decision and I am very happy with the results. I arrived at the decision for liposuction after trying for a very long time to shift some of the fat which had accumulated on […]


Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews Different Types of Mattresses

Our bed is our sanctuary and we love to spend time in there. Most of us, unfortunately, don’t spend enough time in bed, with very few people actually getting eight hours of sleep per night. But if you did, then it would mean that you spend literally a third of your life sleeping. This is […]