Why is a New Hire’s First Week Important?

Have you ever heard the quote “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”? This saying and, all it encompasses, is why a new hire’s first week is so important. No matter how prepared or confident you are, first impressions are many times lasting impressions. San Francisco financial recruiters are doing their […]

12 DIY roof repair tips

When a roof has started leaking, you should act quickly to prevent water damaging the building’s interior. You might find that you can readily repair this roof yourself – consider these tips… Discern whether you need permanent repairs or a reroof You might need only the former if there are one or two weak areas, […]


How to choose the right car when you’re studying

Starting a new course at college or university can be very exciting, but you may find that a car is essential if you want to make the most of your new life as a student. You could, for example, need a car for getting to many of those exciting gigs and festivals that are coming […]

retirement lifestyle

Today’s Mind-Blowing Retirement Lifestyles

Retirees have become a completely different breed. In the past, those who quit working life were almost exclusively elderly people preparing to spend the rest of their lives at ease. In the US, about 65% of workers retire by the time they reach age 65. Many people are even opting to retire while in their […]


Should you sell your start-up?

 As a young (or not so young) entrepreneur, there are plenty of reasons to get involved in the UK’s burgeoning start-up scene. You might want freedom from the spectre of a boss imposing discipline on you from nine to five every day or simply the opportunity to indulge your passions and get your big ideas […]


The Best Games to Play Away: All You Need Is a Phone

When you’re travelling, there are often times where games are required to make time go faster. No matter whether you’re just passing time alone on public transport, or needing an urgent ice-breaker, you’ll be surprised at exactly what your phone can help you do. It’s All About Those Apps You don’t need to have access […]