Enterprise Innovation Software and How it Will Enhance Your Business

There are all kinds of software out there which are available to business owners in order to solve certain business-related issues with there may be. It can be difficult therefore, for business owners to select which is the best type of software solution for their needs, and which most merits their investment. One are alf […]


The Importance of User Behavior Analytics Tools for Cloud Security

The cloud is something which has enabled businesses and individuals all over the world, to store and use data without taking up oceans of memory on hard drives and back ups. The cloud, whilst revolutionary, is not immune to attacks however and if your company utilizes cloud-based software, then you really ought to look into […]


Adrian Rubin Facebook on How Anyone Can Be the Victim of a Scam

Bernard Madoff was revealed to the world as having been scamming for around two decades in 2008. In fact, it was estimated that he had some 70,000 victims and that, through fraud, he had scammed them out of some $65 billion. He was indiscriminate in terms of the types of victims, targeting everyone from the […]

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The Top 5 Real-World Places for Video Game Fans to Visit

Generally speaking, videogames and the outside world don’t mix well. However, if you are feeling adventurous, there is a whole wealth of videogame themed places out there for you to explore! Whether you’re looking for great merchandise or great stories to tell friends, these are the top places for gamers. Museums If you’re interested in […]


The Best Games to Play Away: All You Need Is a Phone

When you’re travelling, there are often times where games are required to make time go faster. No matter whether you’re just passing time alone on public transport, or needing an urgent ice-breaker, you’ll be surprised at exactly what your phone can help you do. It’s All About Those Apps You don’t need to have access […]


The Most Successful Elements Of Online Gaming

The online gaming industry has been growing exponentially for a number of years. According to the latest quarterly update of Newzoo’s Global Games Marketing Report, 2.2 billion gamers around the world are expected to generate $108.9 billion in gaming revenue in 2017, with $46.1 billion of this coming from mobile gaming. There are many reasons as to why users […]