Destination: Stockholm – Europa Final


In less than 2 weeks one of the biggest sporting events in world football takes place in Stockholm at the Friends Arena, The Europa Cup Final.
Whilst this is no Champions League final, the two teams make this a major moment of the season. Both Manchester United and Ajax are arguably of the biggest teams in the world.
Ticket prices are already extremely high on the secondary ticket market and newspapers are reporting that this is the most expensive Europa League final ever.
With Manchester United reporting to take 20,000 fans to the game and Ajax the same this will make for a special atmosphere in the Stadium. Both teams have never won this trophy and will be looking to win it for the club.

Manchester United, whilst dominant in the competition so far struggled against Celta Vigo in the semi-final drawing 1-1 at home stadium Old Trafford.

Ajax were also fortunate in their game against Lyon in which they lost 3-1 qualifying by a mere 1 goal. These results have set up a huge game for both teams and one in which we are extremely excited about.

Rather than being played on a weekend, the UEFA Europa Final is played on a Wednesday night. Whilst this is great for the fans watching on television, this is not ideal for fans wanting to travel to the game. Flights and hotels are so expensive many fans will be staying outside of the capital in the city of Upsala , around 40 minutes outside.
The last time Manchester United were in a European final was 6 years when they played against FC Barcelona at Wembley Stadium.
Have you visited Stockholm? Do you have any recommendations for us to when we are there, if so we would definitely appreciate it.

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