Europe’s Best Higher Education Options

Europe has long been known as a centre for quality education, but in the modern age, there are plenty of amazing institutions that can give you or your kids the best possible start in life. From top scientific universities such as ETH Zurich to centres of humanities excellence such as Sciences Po and everything in between, Europe can quite reasonably lay claim to still being one of the world’s top educational hubs.

London School of Business and Finance

The London School of Business and Finance, or the LSBF, is a young and dynamic university that was founded in 2003 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Offering a range of courses, including everything from ACCA accountancy qualifications to corporate training sessions, it’s a key business learning hub. One of the main advantages of the LSBF is how forward thinking it is: it has pioneered online learning services, for example, so students can learn through their laptops as well as at scheduled teaching events at its campuses in London’s Holborn and City of London districts – and with a royal patron in Prince Michael of Kent, it’s backed by a top team.

Sciences Po

Across the English Channel in France is Sciences Po, which is one of the world’s leading institutions for the teaching of social and political sciences. Sciences Po is a major hub for discussion and debate, so it’s ideal for humanities students who enjoy putting their views across! Speakers from around the world make Sciences Po a stop when they come to Europe, and there’s also a clear commitment to academic excellence here thanks to the university’s focus on research. Over 4,000 academics are affiliated with Sciences Po, and it has a range of top-class facilities located at its headquarters on Rue Saint-Guillaume in Paris’ 7th arrondissement.

Over 4,000 academics are affiliated with Sciences Po, and it has a range of top-class facilities located at its headquarters on Rue Saint-Guillaume in Paris’ 7th arrondissement.

ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is one of the highest-ranked educational institutions in Europe, and it specialises in various aspects of the sciences. With over 20 Nobel Prize laureates previously having an affiliation with ETH Zurich, anyone who graduates from here will be in excellent company – and with a clear focus on addressing pressing global concerns such as disease, the education on offer here will be relevant and timely as well as high quality.

As is common with top European educational institutions, ETH Zurich goes a step further by promising to promote science “for its own sake”, and provides rigorous educational benefits and improved career prospects. It’s ideal for those who want to love science as well as learn it, and there’s a big focus at this institution on enjoying the experience.

Europe is a major hub for those who want to learn, and there are plenty of amazing educational institutions here no matter what subject you plan to study. From the sciences to the humanities and from business to finance, there are lots of top facilities and teachers on hand here to give you a premier educational experience. All you have to do is choose your favourite place and then start applying.

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