Everything you Need to Know about Vaping Mods

Vaping in the UK is on the increase, with thousands of people each day turning from smoking traditional cigarettes to electronic e-cigarettes. There are an estimated 3 million vapers in the UK and it is now more popular than ever before. One of the reasons vaping is becoming popular is because of vape mods.

What Exactly Are Vape Mods

Mods is short for modifying which allows people and users to take vaping to a different level and experience. The great feature with mod boxes is that don’t use any electronic power to vape which allos for the battery to do the vaporizing. A good mod box will allow the user to change the temperature and smoke level, allowing for different flavours and size of clouding.

Mod Box Battery

Vape Boxes come with different elemenets with the first being the Vape Battery, these are one of the most important parts of the box as they detrmine how the atomizer works and performs. All of which allowing for vapers to modify the full experience. Some batteries are built into the mod box but the best allow for third party batteries to be used. Convenience wise a small mod box with a built in battery is a good choice.

Some batteries are built into the mod box but the best allow for third party batteries to be used.

The Mod Box Coil

The most important part of any mod is the coil which vaporizes the e-juice to produce the flavour and experience. Advance users can modify even the coil but a vape mod like this will work more than just fine for most people.

The Vape Tank

The fundamental part of any vaping machine is the e-juice that you use. The tank that you put the juice in needs regular cleaning and simple maintenance to remain effective. For maximum flavour and advanced vaper user can purchase a RDA which refers to a rebuildable dripping atomizer. Most people use the standard RTA (rebuildable tanl atmomizer) for vaping.

Vaping can be as simple or advanced as you want it to be, allowing for users to start with standard vape mods and then moving to more advanced modifications if required.

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