Healthy(ish) Cocktails To Try This Summer.

summer drinks

We are always looking for ways to try healthy foods and drinks. This week we are featuring an article on great healthy drinks specifically cocktails that we can enjoy this summer. We recommend ditching your standard rum and coke and going for something different with some natural ingredients.

Here is a following list we have created of healthy cocktails that you should try this summer:



This is a classic cocktail created in the Caribbean and is one of the lowest calorie cocktails there is.  The way to make the cocktail is to use a wooden spoon to bash the mint, lime juice and sugar together and then add the rum . Pour this into a glass filled with ice and then add the club soda.

The Ingredients
8 Whole Mint Leaf
⅔ Part Simple Syrup
1 ⅔ Parts Light Rum
1 Part Lime Juice
Soda Water
1 Sprig Mint Leaf

Tequila Sunrise

tequila sunrise

When making this drink if you use quality and fresh ingredients then this is a great choice for your cocktail this summer. Use natural orange juice for a better tasting drink. This is definitely one of my first choices because it is so refreshing on a hot day. Tequila Sunrise is also a great cocktail because there is no added sugar and the calories are much lower than other alcoholic drinks. This is also a simple drink to make with a couple of ingredients needed, tequila, grenadine, orange juice, a cherry and orange slice.

The full recipes and drinks were taken from the Absolut – refreshing drinks page.

Do you have recommendations of cocktails that we should try this summer?

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