How smartphones keep changing our lives

Imagine not having your phone for like two hours, just two, its torture right? All your appointments, to do list, your contacts, and your money is all in there. You feel like you are missing something important. Well that’s how much smartphones are changing our lives.

They have become a big part of us such that we now rely on them for almost everything we do on a daily basis they are like our assistances. From calls, music, games, internet, communication, calendars even playing our favourite Meilleurs casinos en ligne all that is now possible using a single device. For the past two decades not all this was possible, which just shows how smartphones are changing our lives.

How smartphones changes family time

People used to gather in homes, reminiscing about the past and talking about the future. People used to visit each other a lot just to check up on friends and family. Smartphones has changed all that. It has become so easy to stay a year or more without meeting because you can contact them in the comfort of your bed no matter how far they are.

You miss someone you call, you miss seeing them you video call them. Seeing them makes us feel ok and there is absolutely no need for visits and family time. People can easily gather on a WhatsApp group and talk about everything they need to talk about. Smartphones keeps family and friends informed on each other’s activities, keeps them connected and close to each other by playing Best Online Betting Sites, absolutely no need to meet. That’s how smartphones is changing family time.

Smartphones changes how we communicate

We used to rely on people for information, we used to meet up to get information about something. All that has been wiped away by smartphones. This is because it allow us to have access to everything from books, blogs and journals we do not see the importance of talking. I mean what’s the point of going to a place to talk when you can use your phone to access the internet that has all the answers right!

The fact that we can get any info at any time has changed how we communicate. One can say it has made life easy in a way, we can’t burst our heads thinking because our smartphones helps us get all the answers we need. Not only that we can also forget quickly because we can retrieve it at any time.

Smartphones changing how we feel and act

Who needs friends when you can have access to games social media and get to see what everyone is up to without them knowing? The moment we wake up we check our phones. We use them at work, home in bed basically in everything and everywhere. .

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