How to Avoid These Common Traffic Violations

Most traffic violations do not happen due to malicious or willful intent to flout the law. Rather, most of them happen unintentionally, due to thoughtlessness or distraction. You drive so frequently and become so accustomed to it that your procedural memory takes over. When you’re not paying close enough attention, that’s when violations are most likely to occur.

Here are three of the most common California traffic violations and how to avoid them. Consider this an online traffic clinic, a refresher on the rules of the road that you may have forgotten over the years or just do not think about very often.

  1. Ignoring Railroad Signals

Trying to beat an oncoming train to the crossing is like playing a game of Russian roulette. If you’re lucky, the worst that will happen to you is that you’ll get a ticket. Always obey the flashing lights and other signals at a railroad crossing. The train always has the right of way.

  1. Reckless or Distracted Driving

When you think about the term reckless driving, you may think of joyriding teenagers terrorizing others on the road for thrills. However, reckless driving is a broad category that can include any activity that potentially endangers others on the road. To avoid a reckless or distracted driving citation, don’t try to multitask while driving. Eating breakfast, putting on makeup, or using a cellphone are all tasks that can wait until you reach your destination. If you find you can’t wait, pull over and take care of it.

  1. Lane Change Violations

These include passing in a no-passing zone and passing in an unsafe manner. No-passing zones are clearly marked with signs and markings on the road, so it is important to pay attention. Unsafe lane changes include those in which you do not signal your turn to inform other drivers of your intention. The other drivers cannot read your mind.

Many traffic violations can be avoided if drivers remain mindful while behind the wheel. However, nobody is perfect, and everyone experiences momentary lapses in attention or judgment. If you receive a traffic citation, contact a ticket lawyer Los Angeles with The Ticket Clinic at 1-800-248-2846.

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