Sicily, the biggest island in Italy, is the crossroads of eastern and western civilizations is a cocktail of Byzantines, Normans, Greeks, and Romans, this region holds an enormous cultural abundance that is revealed above all in its architectural character. Its magnificent historical, artistic, and mythological monuments have always fascinated visitors from afar. Renting a villa for your holidays in Sicily is the ideal solution for families and independent travelers! You can easily find a villa that suits your needs. Are you dreaming of a beachfront house? A luxury villa with a private swimming pool? Or a modern-day villa located in the heart of a city? Check out the best luxury villa rental Sicily for your holiday and organize your own schedules and save money by cooking and experimenting with Italian cuisine on site. You will also have more space than at the hotel while paying less. If you have also chosen to rent a car in Sicily, you have absolute freedom!

Let Yourself Be Charmed by the Holiday Rental

A holiday rental is synonymous with autonomy! You can enter, leave, and eat your meals as you wish, without worrying about schedules. The quiet or wild atmosphere, it’s up to you: in your rental, there’s only you. You don’t hear any nuisance from other residents as in the hallway of a hotel. And no more shared common areas such as the campsite’s shower or toilet. Phew! Phew!

Holiday rentals are also an opportunity to settle in a home with a warm atmosphere: rustic, contemporary, spacious home or cozy little nest, it’s up to you.

What to Do in Sicily

The mysterious island where Ulysses, the lucky traveler, once landed, displays unparalleled beauty. Unreveal the secrets of Etna, a volcano that is still active today, have a walk through the vineyards and olive trees or rest on the superb white sandy beaches to enjoy the Sicilian dolce vita.

With 85% of its mountains and hills, Sicily is a suitable destination for both experienced and amateur hikers. However, it is also caressed by the Mediterranean and Ionian seas, which offer magnificent white sandy beaches licked by crystal clear waters. There is no shortage of activities on this multifaceted island. You can easily combine culture and nature for a most unexpected trip.

On Land…

Hiking – Walking – Skiing

Due to its relief, Sicily offers a myriad of hikes not to be missed. Many tours are organized around Etna, where climbs start from Piano Provenzano. You will probably have to pass through the Rifugio Sapienza if your ascent starts on the south side. Beautiful panoramas await you. Further down, the Pineta Ragabo allows you to stroll between pines and larch trees. Cross-country skiing and downhill skiing are entirely possible to descend the slopes of Etna. There is also the Stromboli volcano on the island of the same name, which offers an enchanting yet challenging experience: its ascent takes place at nightfall (3 hours of ascent, 1h30 of descent). For those who are less adventurous, the Osservatorio has an incredible view of the crater. Finally, Vulcano is another volcano/island whose specificity is located in the mud baths of Laghetto di Fanghi which are also beneficial (and fragrant). A natural Jacuzzi is also accessible on-site… Not to be missed either: the Zingaro nature reserve (the coastal path between Scopello and San Vito Lo Capo and observation of rare birds, about forty species), Piano Battaglia (hiking among flowers in the Madonie Regional Natural Park) and the Alcantara River Park, absolutely sublime.


To work on your calves and climb to the peaks with the most beautiful panoramas, head towards San Vito Lo Capo (in mid-October, Climbing Festival).


Diving and snorkelling

There is no shortage of diving spots in Sicily. But we have selected the best to get the most out of it. Ustica Island is home to some of the most beautiful seabed in the world. The island of Lipari (belonging to the Aeolian Islands) is also considered a must. Zingaro Natural Park is also a privileged place to observe marine fauna and flora.

Boat and kayak

Without diving, Ustica Island and the Aeolian Islands offer boat tours to admire a horizon as far as the eye can see and walks in the most beautiful coves. For kayaking, it will be around Vulcano and the Aeolian Islands with scheduled tours.

Marine Reserves

There are 6 protected marine reserves in Sicily, starting with the Pelagian Islands, Ustica, Egadian Islands (Favignana, Levanzo, Formica, Marittimo)…and many others in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

All these magnificent spots in Sicily are waiting for you. Go and visit this wonderful island full of beautiful and mystic places.

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