Improve and Boost Your Salon Business to Success


Are you presently thinking of closing your saloon business? Or you are in a state of dilemma over the slow rate at which your saloon is progressing? If yes, cheer up, there are ways to make improvements and touchups which will boost your saloon business to success.

The best advertisement anyone can give to his/her saloon are satisfied clients because referrals make more loyal clients than cold call or walk ins. To keep your clients loyal to you, take these few points to heart and increase your turnover exponentially.

Get Social

If you do not have a website, here is the time to set one up. You can easily set up a blog yourself or contact a web designer to design your site for you. However, to cut on cost, you can use platforms such as wordpress to startup, which doubles as both a website and a blog. In addition, you should create a Facebook page, share pictures of your work on instagram and link it to your Facebook page. Get on pinterest and pin samples of your work. Tweet about new products. Have a database of your clients’ contact where you can always update them on new hair styles, colours and products. If you already have a website, you may need a website refresh and Search Engine Optimization to boost your Google ranking.

As the saying goes, people are a company’s greatest asset because the people you employ can make or mar your business.

Thorough Recruitment Selection Process

Your workers should have an NVQ qualification or long years of experience with justification and proper verified and validated references. It is also important that they are trained in soft skills such as customer service and time management. This will help them understand how to treat clients who will be kept. If your staffs don’t meet the required qualification and training, its best to either train them yourself or send them for short courses to brush up their skills.

Set the Right Price

Be a competitor to others around you. You may decide to offer the same treatment for a slightly cheaper price, at the same quality and terms or you may set the same price as other saloon owners, but be sure to roll out deals very often. For example, you can partner with some brands to offer a treatment at your salon for free or at a lower price while they purchase a certain product. Who doesn’t like deals?

Insure your Business

Every business should insure its place of business, however, as a saloon owner, you will need other types of insurance policy. Your equipments and public (clients) safety are two areas you should insure. Other available insurance covers may be useful at one time or the other and you should get familiar with them.

Location change

Research the types of people who ply your chosen area and neighborhood and how many saloons are there? If the result of your research shows more negativity towards increasing your client base, it is time to move.

Stand out from the crowd

Think about what you will do differently from your direct competitors. There must be an area where they have not occupied yet or where they need an improvement. Use that to your advantage and set the pace. Get mystery clients to find out what dissatisfies your clients and theirs, and make that your focal point.

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