Why The iPad is the Best Travel Companion

As anyone who know me will understand that I am faster than usual to take up technology. Anything I think is worth the investment I am happy to purchase and give it a go. I have realized though that there are only a few products that I continue to use for years after the purchase.
By far the best thing I have ever purchased is my iPad Mini, wow, what a buy this was.

Not only for traveling but for general purpose, this is my highest recommended product which I advise to everyone I can.

1. Travel Apps

The ability to have all your travel tickets, reservations saved and easily accessible without having to get your laptop makes life much more comfortable.

2. Movies on the go.

One of my favourite features is that I can access and watch films whilst traveling, these are great for both long and short distance journeys.

3. Music Library

Having your music is great not only for flights but for the train journeys etc which usually are too full to watch.

4. Games

Most games are not worth the download but there are definitely some which use the full features of the iPad to give fantastic experience when you have down time.

5. TV and Netflix

We are members of both Netflix and Comcast, with the iPad we can watch and see what we want.


6. Email.

My advice would be to purchase the keyboard add on to ensure that typing is much more comfortable.

7. FaceTime

Great for family time at the end of the day.

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