Is Gaming Whilst Traveling Possible?

Traveling represents a great activity for discovering the world, meeting new people and emerging yourself completely in new and exciting culture. All of the experiences that you’ll stumble upon while traveling will prove to have a huge impact on your life, and the way you look at things.

As great as traveling can be most of the times, it can also be a bit boring, and monotone in certain circumstances. If traveling for longer periods of time, you’ll have to move from one location to another regularly. While being on a train, or a plane, some gaming could prove the best option for getting rid of that potential boringness, and help you relax faster.

However, there’s one big question arising, is gaming while traveling possible? Gaming is usually meant for fixed locations where gaming PCs and consoles can thrive. But, gaming is possible while traveling as well. The following elements are the ones impacting your experience while traveling the most.


One of the most important aspects when it comes to gaming on the go is mobility. You want to be able to access the gaming world from any location, being able to move your setup from one place to another quickly. Even if gaming PCs and consoles are the ideal devices for gaming, they are unpractical, if not even impossible to use while traveling.

Because of that increased need for mobility, devices such as gaming smartphones, tablets and laptops represent your best option. These three devices have higher or lower mobility, each being ideal for gaming in dynamic circumstances. Even if you can access games from any of the three mentioned above, each of them comes with certain benefits and disadvantages.

Smartphones and tablets are pretty much the same, the only thing separating one from another is the screen size. Your phone might end up representing a great gaming device since it’s the most mobile one, perfect for traveling. The only problem regarding this device is the limited access to high-end games.

Tablets are better than smartphones because of their larger displays but, if you’re going to opt for something bigger, you should go for a laptop. Gaming laptops are the perfect middle ground between phones and PCs when it comes to display size and mobility.

For increased mobility, laptops with 11-12-inch displays might represent a better option, even if they give up on a lot of screen size. Laptops with 17-inch, and sometimes even up to 20-inch displays might be better if screen is what you’re looking for, even if they give up on mobility.

However, laptops with 15.6-inch screens represent the perfect middle ground, having both great mobility and a large enough screen to have fun while gaming.


When it comes to mobile devices, the main thing they tend to give up is performance. Personal Computers will always outweigh laptops and phones when it comes to their possibility of accessing the latest games smoothly.

Although laptops tend to be weaker than PCs, they can still represent an ideal option for gaming if the right components are met. A laptop capable of running high-end computer games will need to have a powerful 4GB GPU, at least an Intel i5 CPU, and a minimum of 8GB RAM.

Gaming is not limited only to devices with great features since the world of browser games constitutes a perfect option for laptops that are less powerful. Accessing an online casino such as the Gametwist Online will prove to be easy even from a laptop that doesn’t meet all of the criteria mentioned above.

These games represent a great option for trips since they are really practical, being accessible from any device, while not giving up on the entertainment at all. Because of their back-end design, games are less complex, giving people the opportunity to have a high-end gaming experience from a regular device.

The possibility of entering and exiting these casino games could prove a great feature while traveling, considering how dynamic some situations could be.


Even if gaming PCs and consoles represent the ideal devices for premium gaming in a fixed location, smartphones and laptops could still provide a great experience while being a lot more mobile. Giving up on screen size and performance is not necessary anymore since most gaming laptops are designed to replace your PC while allowing you to travel.

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