Why Would My Company Need Merchant Account Credit Card Processing Services?


When it comes to credit card processing, this is an essential service that every business must provide. Today’s consumers wish to pay with a credit or debit card and if your business does not offer this option, you can lose new clients or customers. Because such services are in high demand, companies like Merchant Account Solutions make it easy for businesses, large or small, to accept credit and debit cards along with providing other essential business services.

An example of such processing services would be with the Clover Point of Sale unit or the Clover Flex POS. These systems were created by MAS in order to provide a merchant account credit card processing system. With the Clover units, you have the option to take your business on the go, use mobile systems and have an overall fully functioning cash register system.

The technology used by Merchant Account Solutions ensures that you can accept all credit and debit cards with ease, even chip and touchless payment options.

Clover Flex

Take for example the Clover Flex. With this device, you have a mobile solution that gives you flexibility when it comes to checking out customers. This unit works nicely to help consumers when lines begin to form within your business or table-side for restaurants. The mobility of the unit and portable size allows you to take orders, process transactions, print receipts, etc. with ease. Easily complete a transaction, grab the customer’s signature and then adjust tips as needed.

The unit even includes a built-in camera and QR code scanner which helps to manage inventory instantly. The touch screen is five inches in size so that you can easily view information or allow customers to sign for their payment efficiently.

Overall, this is just one way that businesses can offer credit and debit card processing in a simple manner. With an internet connection, your business can be more accommodating to consumers, which means more traffic and sales for you!


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