Musicians Who Became Successful Actors

What is the point of having just one when you can have it all? If you are talented in more than one field then go for both. Just like playing online casino best payout games, why focus on one when you get 5 more that can bring you real money. We are going to talk about musicians who decided to spread their wings further and eventually became successful actors.


Ludacris was the hit during the 90s and 2000s. He topped the charts with his songs and also featured with other top musicians like Missy Elliot. Acting also managed to make Ludacris’s name great. Featuring in one of the best sports series, Fast and Furious alongside other renowned actors like Vin Diesel. Ludacris has done a fair share of movies and doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. He has also ventured into presenting as he has been the face of many shows including fear factor.

Will Smith

One of the most celebrated and loved actors Will Smith started off as a rap artist when he was still a teenager. Most people know him from the jeff townes under the moniker DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince that made him popular during his teenage years. They even had a hit single during that time. His acting career started to flourish when NBC developed a sitcom around Will Smith called the fresh Prince of Bel-air. He then went on to feature in Bad Boys, Men in Black and many more after that.

Jeniffer Lopez

After dreaming of being a multi-tasking superstar as a child Jeniffer Lopez is counted as one of the successful actors and musicians as well, who plays at . She has always loved music but as time went on acting intrigued her to the point where she decided to get into it. Today Lopez has many successful songs and she is also a successful actress and a dancer. She has managed to feature and also scooped the lead role in a number of movies.

Jeniffer Hudson

Hudson is a great vocalist who is not only known as a great singer but an actor too. Apart from being a successful singer, Jennifer is a judge at one of the American singing competitions and also an actor. She became famous after her Oscar award-winning performance on Dreamgirls. Today she is a celebrated actor and also featuring in the latest Aretha Franklin movie Respect. She is the lead actress.

Queen Latifah

Before becoming the renowned actress she is today and even receiving awards for it, Latifah was a hip hop artist. She released her first album called all Hail the Queen in 1989. She has also become a successful actor featuring in one movie Joyful Noise alongside Dolly Parton.


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