No Place Like Home

Over the past 10 years we have been fortunate to travel to many different countries and experience some of the best times visiting some of the most beautiful places on earth.

During this time I have always thought of myself as a ‘ man of the world’. What I mean by this is a person who enjoys travelling and can adapt to most cultures without missing home comforts.

Well this view of myself has changed over the past few weeks when I have realised that I love things British more than I imagined.

Food and Drink

During my free time I enjoy to cook, well what do I cook? That’s right British classics, pies, pasty’s, roast dinners..You name it, anything I was raised on I am making. I even drive 5 miles to get some beans for my favourite breakfast , beans on toast. I guess the that food gives me comfort and whilst I am not in the country at least if I am eating the same food as my family and friends I am somewhat connected to them. The amusing part to this story is that I probably won’t eat beans and toast when I next go home but that’s cool I guess.


Not only does this love of Britain revolve around food I have also found myself watching British television, especially when I am abroad with time on my hands. My favourite programmes are all British and whilst I am in a completely different country enjoying a different culture I am watching British TV and eating British home cooked food.

brit tv

The reason I write this is that the older and ‘wiser’ I become I am finding that there is no place like home. Wherever you are from I now understand that it can be difficult moving to another country and I have only just realised this.

I will write another post on our journey to moving away to a different country for 3 years and the joys and difficulties that this brings.

Do you experience the same feelings that I do when I am abroad travelling long term?

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