Play-Based Learning Benefits for All Ages

child playing

No matter the age, everyone loves toys. From the very young to the very old, most people are thrilled to play with toys no matter your age. From blocks and balls to drones and remote-control boats, you are never too old for toys. However, don’t be miss lead into thinking that toys are only about fun and games. Toys are more than objects to be amused and entertained by. Toys are instruments from which children and adults can learn and grow with. According to the National Association of the Education of Young Children play based learning is essential for growth at every age especially in very young children. Children learn through play. From make-believe and puppets to building blocks and Play-dough almost every element that comes in contact with a young child’s early years helps them to develop into a properly functioning adult. Some of the elements that children learn through play include: cognitive skills when playing grocery store, physical agility when balancing blocks, enhanced vocabulary when playing with dinosaurs, literacy skills when playing create a restaurant menu, and social skills when playing pretend or make-believe..

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