A Look at Different Presentation Methods and How to Choose


If you are tasked to do a presentation for your company, you already know that you need to prepare for it and make sure you are well-versed in whatever topic you have to present. But you also have to decide on the method through which you will do your presentation, as there are several. Don’t worry, the methods aren’t that complicated – but there are appropriate ways to do them, and you need to know what you can expect based on the one you use. Here’s a look at different presentation methods and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Key factors which affect the method you choose

First, there are some key factors which will affect the method you choose for your presentation. One of these is the size of your audience as well as how familiar they are with you. If, for instance, the event is small and informal, then you can be less formal as well. In this instance, you can, for example, present your audience with a simple handout consisting of a page or two or perhaps show them an infographic which can summarise your main points. For a more formal occasion, it’s better to have slides.

present your audience with a simple handout consisting of a page or two or perhaps show them an infographic which can summarise your main points.

Another key factor would be the facilities – simply put, if you can’t use a projector, then you need to adjust your presentation accordingly. The same is true if you are entirely familiar with the topic; if you are comfortable without any notes, then go ahead and ‘wing it’. But if you prefer detailed notes, then you can have them as well. It depends on how comfortable you are and how confident you are about your abilities.

Different presentation methods

  • Very formal

If you are presenting at a 200-person conference, then you should have a very formal presentation. For this, you should stand up as you will probably present from a podium. For a very formal presentation, you should use slides, although you can use other media such as videos to enhance your presentation. It’s also best to provide your audience with a copy of your presentation slides. Interaction with your audience may also be a requirement, as a formal session of questions often follows presentations like these.

  • Formal

The formal presentation method is for a smaller conference where you also aren’t familiar with the audience. This method is useful for presenting information but also for getting a reaction. With this method, you will also stand at the front of the room. It’s better to use slides but keep them simple. You should present your audience with copies of your slides. Questions are common after the presentation but be prepared for interruptions while you are presenting as well.

  • Informal

The informal method is ideal for a small group, perhaps within your company. For this, you might aim to present information as well as get a response and reaction, and possibly facilitate a discussion. You can either stand or sit down, and you can present from within any space in the room or from the front of the room. You can still use slides although handouts in proper presentation folders are often very useful. This method is quite interactive, and you can decide how to deal with discussions or questions during the presentation.

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