Scott Tominaga Discusses the Importance of Physical Fitness for Surfers


One of the greatest things about surfing is that it is fun. Few people would classify it as a sport. A way of life, definitely, but a sport, not so much. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t tax your body in the same was as your body does. You have to be in good physical shape, even if it is just because you have to paddle towards your wave. Scott Tominaga, who is passionate about surfing, has looked into the link between ability to surf and physical fitness.

Scott Tominaga Lays Out the Importance of Being Physically Fit for Surfers

Some people believe that there is little strength needed for surfing. If you feel that way, then you may want to try paddling through the income surf. You will quickly find yourself having to turn around and watch other people surf! Surfing simply isn’t for couch potatoes, it is for people who are fit.

This can be a bit of a problem, however, since there are many locations around the world where you cannot surf all year long. If you are an active surfer, you will find that physical fitness comes naturally. After all, as you surf day in, day out, you will build your arm muscles, your balance, and more. But when surfing season is over, it means you will have to do things that you may not be as interested in. Most surfers, for instance, would hate to have to spend their time in the gym. However, if you want to go back to surfing when the weather gets good again, then you have to do something to make sure you stay in shape.

How to Stay Fit as a Surfer

Surfing is a solitary thing, but most people do it together. While you catch your own wave, there is nothing quite like getting back to the beach and telling your friends, asking them if they had the same experience. This means that you effectively surf together. And it is also together that you should consider staying in shape. Consider joining a gym together or figuring out some sort of other workout option together. When you go with someone else, you will keep each other motivated as well.

It’s Not All About the Workout

Finally, Tominaga wants to make sure that people don’t just consider their physical fitness in terms of getting plenty of exercise and building strength and stamina. It is also about getting a good diet. You must make sure that you eat properly so that you can build and sustain your muscle tissue. This includes eating plenty of protein to continue to support your muscle tissue. At the same time, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is equally important. This will provide you with all the important vitamins and minerals required to have the physical ability to surf and to be on the water for many hours at a time.

Put together, you will have the body, stamina, and fitness levels of a surfer all year long.

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