SEO For Business: Where To Start When Beginning The Optimisation Process?

When running a business, it can be difficult to balance all the responsibilities that you have, however it is not impossible. By undergoing a number of audits and looking into pre-existing content, you can then begin to optimise your business and its online presence to boost brand awareness and increase the number of conversions you are seeing as a result. Whether you decide to enlist the help of web design services in Essex or you opt to optimise the content on your own, we have the guide to help you know exactly where to start.

Look At The Current Website

When looking at the website and what needs to be optimised, it is important to look into not only the content on the site but also the loading speed and overall user experience on the site. This is key to the success of the campaign as you can then begin to tailor the SEO campaign to meeting all the selected smart goals that were set when beginning to optimise the campaign.

Perform an SEO Audit

Once you have looked at the website, it is then imperative that you begin an SEO audit. An SEO audit outlines all issues that may need to be addressed throughout the campaign such as technical issues, issues with website structure and potential offsite problems. This is then be used to outline month by month strategies to slowly tackle every potential problem to help boost rankings. These SEO audits should be as detailed as possible to ensure that your strategies are as detailed as they can be for either you or the client.

Set Yourself SMART Goals

Once you have performed the SEO audit, it is then vital to set yourself SMART goals. These are goals that can be measured and is a key part of the campaign. Whether this is re-optimising the landing page to ensure the content meets local SEO terms or redesigning the website to boost conversions, these can all be measured overtime to ensure that you have the right amount of time and money without issues

Local SEO Is Key

If your SEO campaign consists of optimising content, then it is important to ensure that you are targeting long-tail keywords as well as local keywords. This is important as this will allow you to appear in Google SERPS when searched by voice search. By keeping the keywords at a longtail variant you are then able to fully optimise with a more natural approach lending itself well to voice search optimisation as research has shown that 50% of all searches in 2020 will be using voice search functionality.

Build your Backlink Profile

The final step to optimising SEO for your business is to begin building your backlink profile. Whether this is from other sites linking to you or linking other websites in your content you can then begin to build the backlink profile to make sure it is as relevant as possible. This not only helps to boost the SEO value of your site, but it helps to boost your SERP results and boost the visibility of your brand as a result.

Whether you are looking to begin optimising a clients website or you are looking to boost your own SEO efforts, there are a number of elements you have to consider beforehand to ensure that your SEO campaign is a success and can continue to be optimised for the best possible results. Where will you start to optimise your website?

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