The Most Successful Elements Of Online Gaming


The online gaming industry has been growing exponentially for a number of years. According to the latest quarterly update of Newzoo’s Global Games Marketing Report, 2.2 billion gamers around the world are expected to generate $108.9 billion in gaming revenue in 2017, with $46.1 billion of this coming from mobile gaming. There are many reasons as to why users are electing to log onto the internet from their tablets or mobile devices to do their gaming in favor of more traditional methods such as gaming consoles and even physical board games. Here are just a few:


Online gaming is often far more convenient for both the gaming manufacturer and the user alike. The year 2014 saw the number of mobile devices take over the number of people on the planet for the first time ever and the sheer number of these devices along with the advancement of technology has made it easier than ever for people to enjoy their gaming from the comfort of their own home. Moreover, the abundance of mobile devices also has implications for gaming companies and manufacturers, with a plethora of opportunities available to market their respective games to arguably the largest global audience on the planet.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Even the most stubborn and hard to please gamers are sure to find something online that tickles their fancy. There is arguably a game relating to almost anything nowadays, from eye surgery simulators (no, we’re not kidding) to a game based around the mechanics involved in ‘fixing goats’ (deadly serious here). What’s more, there are now a large number of games based on familiar elements of popular culture, which draw inspiration from a number of television and movie franchises, such as The Simpsons or the Family Guy slot games at William Hill. In the latter case, players are available to play as Stewie or Peter Griffin as they dodge giant chickens and whatever else the town of Quahog throws at them. William Hill also lets players try games risk-free with a £30 sign-up bonus, which brings us neatly around to our next point:

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No Cash? No Problem!

Whether slot games, simulators, or just interactive video games for a bit of fun, a lot of online games available to users are now free or, at the very least, extremely inexpensive when compared to the relative cost of purchasing a gaming console for example. The beauty of owning a smartphone or mobile device is that they are now virtually a necessity for the busy modern individual and so you’ve got your very own entertainment system in your pocket without even realizing it. What’s more, advances in mobile technology such as the improvement of graphics as well as the ever increasing size of the screen means that gaming experiences are arguably more enjoyable and satisfying than ever.

A Whole World Waiting To Be Explored

With the gaming world at one’s fingertips, there are plenty of both classic and modern titles available to be enjoyed at the touch of a button.

The beauty of online gaming is that you can literally play from anywhere, be it on the move or whilst you’re in front of the TV watching your favorite show.

In fact, you’d even be able to catch up on your favorite box set and then move onto the gaming version of the franchise once the show has finished if you so wish.

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