Summer Travel: Road Trip USA

This summer we are planning on doing something that we have wanted to do for the past 5 years, go on a road trip in the USA.

The Plan

The plan would be to arrange a hire car for collection at the arrival airport and plan our journey accordingly. We are always advised to take out extra insurance for rental cars but this can be extremely expensive and often unnecessary. Instead we have been recommended getting and taking a backup camera and installing it ourselves for the journey. From research sites like TadiBrothers offer the best deals.
We have a few trips planned but here are the ones that have made the short-list for our trip.

Route 66

Journey Length: 2000 miles+

Probably the most famous road trip in the world is the Route 66 which goes from Chicago all the way to the Santa Monica beach pier in Los Angeles, California. This route passes through heartland of America and takes a diagonal route starting in the Mid west. Our plan would be to stay in Chicago for a couple of days and enjoy everything “The Windy City” has to offer. With limited time, due to work we would try to complete the full journey within 7 days but this can be extended for as long as you want it to. Whilst the journey doesn’t ass through anything spectacular this would be an unforgettable road trip.

Pacific Coast

Journey Length: 1600 Miles+
The Pacific Coast route truly looks amazing, starting as far north as Seattle or as far south as San Diego. Our plan would would be to start South and travel north and the highway stopping off in towns along the coast, not forgetting LA, San Francisco , Portland and Seattle. This route can be changed and flexible as you would like it which makes for a better experience. A key highlight, albeit a detour is Yosemite National Park which for us would be a dream come true. The park is a couple of hours away from San Francisco and can fit our schedule. The west coast of America is geographically amazing with forests, coastlines, mountains and great weather all along the route. RoadTripUSA has some great and free printable maps on their website.
Whilst all the road rip routes look amazing,we are siding with the Pacific Coast road trip just because of the Yosemite National Park which we can go and visit on a detour.

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