Tackling a Home Décor Project

 Are you considering redecorating or redesigning part of your home but do not know where to start? A home décor project can be quite the challenge, but the good news is that with a little planning and a lot of patience, you can make your interior redesign a great success.

The planning stage

As the old saying goes, “a goal without a plan is a wish,” and absent any proper planning, your home redecoration project will remain elusive. Rather than procrastinate, sit down and write out a plan for what you want to achieve. Set a budget and work within its parameters. If you need to go over budget, then make sure that you have the funds. Set out a timeline for when you want the work finished. If you are undertaking the redecoration with your partner or family, then be realistic about the pace at which you can work. When everyone is holding down a full-time job, home redecorating may have to be limited to evenings and/or weekends, so do not get frustrated if the redesign falls a little behind schedule.


Before redesigning any room in your house, throw out those items that you no longer require. This is particularly important if you are going for a clean look along simple lines. Decluttering is a useful exercise in any case, however, and removing items that have outlived their usefulness leaves more space for newer items that can help you achieve the redesign that you are hoping for. Do not assume that your unwanted items are not of value. List them on a site such as eBay for resale, or better still, donate them to a local charity shop.

Big-ticket Items

Put big items front and centre in a room, as something valuable and expensive should be on display. When investing in a new sofa or dining room table, put your money into something well-made. If that means using up a large portion of your budget, then there are many ways of saving elsewhere with the thrifty purchase of second-hand or inexpensive elegant items or by undertaking painting and decorating yourself.

Introducing the element of surprise

Thinking outside the box may seem like a cliché, but when it comes to changing a room, adding something unexpected can be truly transformative. Bend the rules a little. Something as simple as a brightly coloured sofa in an otherwise plainly decorated living room can add a bit of style and pizazz to its look. Transform the look of your kitchen with a patchwork of differently coloured cabinets. Why not upcycle to give a room a vintage or industrial feel?

Let there be light

A cheap and effective way to transform the look of a room is to let in more natural light. Think about how a sunny day transforms your mood and how attractive the idea of a “sun holiday” is to so many people.

It is important to control the amount of sun that enters your home, of course. Too much sun can fade items of furniture that you might have spent a lot of money on in the course of redecorating your rooms. This is where window shutters can prove to be a very useful addition. Shutters are also a great design feature, complementing the look of a room with their colour and style. A shutter allows you to control the amount of light and has the added benefit of providing sound insulation and improved privacy. From café-style and full height to tier-on-tier and solid models, the different styles of shutters can be made to fit almost any type of window.

Other ways of boosting the natural light levels in your home include the installation of rooflights to provide an even and consistent amount of sunshine and the use of brighter tones on walls and furniture as a way of maximizing light. Always consider the movement of the sun around your home during the day so as to ensure the full potential of light getting into your rooms.

Use your accessories

Consider adding colourful pillows to a new sofa or put a new mirror on the wall to increase lighting and create the illusion of space in what might otherwise be a small room.

A successful home décor project requires patience, time and a little hard work, but the payoff is a modern, stylish and unique look that will transform your home. When your redesign is finished, do not forget to celebrate. Throw a party and invite friends and family around to see how successfully you have redecorated your home.

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