Test-Driving the 2019 Jaguar Sportbrake

Did you know that Discovery and Jaguar are cousins? Yes, they are!

Anyway, we’re here to talk about the 2019 Jaguar Sportbrake. SUVs are our preference but this newcomer is a pleasure to rock. You can drive this little number with no apologies at all! Would you like to own the car? Play at Top south african online Casino and get yourself a brand new 2019 Jaguar Sport brake and start cruising.

2019 Jaguar Sportbrake

Over the last few years, SUVs, Minivans and Crossovers have been largely produced and accepted by consumers. However, the Jaguar Sportbrake succeeds both as a luxe ride and Home Depot delivery vehicle. This is unexpected from a wagon.

It’s not as ferocious as you know Jaguars to be. However, it’s got some nice features. This little thing boasts of a 380-hp supercharged V-6 engine. The engine has an 8-speed automatic shift and rear-biased all-wheel drive. This delivers exactly what you need when you need it.

The engine has an 8-speed automatic shift and rear-biased all-wheel drive.

The car comes with paddle shifters, which is really helpful. It also has a lightweight suspension and all-aluminium chassis. This gives the Sportbrake a better road feel than you would expect when driving a wagon. However, its slightly stiff brakes are a bit of a disappointment.

The car’s starting price is $71,445. This is obviously higher than many other new wagons from other car brands. However, it is not a car that you have to wait to win an online casino jackpot at casino to buy. You should note that this new release has had a few tweaks from 2016 to date. This means that you could buy the 2017 model for a much lesser price and get the same ride.

What the base price gets you

The base price will get you the following:

  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • a panoramic sunroof
  • power tailgate with foot-swipe activation
  • an “S-trim body kit”
  • rear self-levelling air suspension

Other Add-ons

Some other options that you may add on include:

  • a $2,860 Luxury Interior Upgrade package
  • a $3,265 Technology package
  • a $360 package where exterior trim pieces are painted a sleek gloss black
  • The $3,495 Driver Assistance package. This delivers active parking assist, adaptive cruise control, and a 360-degree surround-view camera
  • $1,805 brings cooled front seats and heated rear seats

For more lifestyle articles then visit our Lifestyle category page. The new Jag’s climate/nav/audio system is a bit clumsy as it may refuse to work with some Droids.

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