The Beginning of the Internet

web beginning

The actual date on which the web official came into being is well documented in several pieces of literature. However it is when the web began to impact the lives of ordinary humans that is really started to matter. At that moment the web stopped being a fragment of the imagination or something from a sci-fi movie. Suddenly it had become alive.

Like Frankenstein’s monster it was no longer a dream but a reality. It was at this stage that the first adaptors made a lot of money from the internet. Corporations where built and some died within a space of under ten years. Yes, just like the horrible beast in the tale even the inventors of the internet failed to control it. Maybe because they lacked the capacity to do so or because they did not want to see the growth of their baby stifled by too many restrictions.

Back when it all began, when GoLive was the preferred platform by web designers.

GoLive was the preferred platform by web designers.

The period before web developers took over. When there search engine optimization as we know it today did not exist. It was during this Wild Wild West version of the online gold rush that serious fortunes were made or lost over night at casinous online casinos.

The first real money online games were also born out of this period. The rate at which the industry grow was amazing. Especially on the back of technologies that were already in place. The internet had come with own package of extra’s. Downstream businesses that would thrive from the internet’s success.

However during periods of high potential returns there are also massive losses that can be incurred. The internet caused several businesses to fail. Not just those that could not stand the competition from the online based operations such But of online operations that failed to keep up with the changes in the industry. The internet is always changing and today’s solution can be obsolete tomorrow. Therefore it is important to keep up with latest trends. Stagnation leads to death in the online industry.

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