The Prominence of Google News Initiative

Publishing of fake news has become a norm in the new global society. It seems like the words of former United State of America President Abraham Lincoln was not heeded. “Let the people know the facts and the country will be safe.’’

The rapid development of fake news over the past few years is truly alarming. This has had a lot of negative impacts and even causing a lot of people to panic. This development has led to a higher demand for professional and quality journalism.

However, Google as one of the central players in the Information technology industry has finally found a solution to abolish publication of fake news to the masses. Did you know even  australian online casinos advertise via google?

The Future is Google News Initiative

The launching of the Google News Initiative Program is a way of trying to curb the increased publishing of fake news. This is a way of improving the quality of journalism and strengthening the development news and business organisations. The GNI has brought in a new and sophisticated tool to assist newsrooms and businesses.

The newly introduced tool will also improve revenues in advertising. Many companies who advertise their products online via Google have encountered a lot of spam and it led to them losing Millions of dollars. Google has expanded and found the solution for that. The introduction of the software including (AMP) Accelerated Mobile Pages is such a phenomenal invention by Google.

The platform (AMP) is a way of creating web pages that will make them more responsive for mobile users. The introduction of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has hugely improved the performance of mobile websites on the internet as it speeds up the load time. Online gambling game makers from all over the world have been moving to the mobile platform. This is because consumers are now conducting the bulk of their business while on the go. The mobile phone has revolutionised the way that business is being done. And everyone including Google knows that mobile internet is not going anywhere.

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