The Rise of The UK Vape Culture

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Vaping means something different to different people, in the US it is referred to people as smoking marijuana, especially in the legal states of California and Colorado. However in the UK, vaping is referred to the people that choose to use e-cigarettes over standard cigarettes which are as commonly known to be much more harmful. It is reported that there are more than 3 million people who vape on a regular basis, incredible considering how 10 years ago this was not an industry.

With the increase in people vaping at a higher level now than ever before, this has seen the culture grow. There are now online groups and forums dedicated to the topic of vaping, so much so people are passionate about communicating about it. UK Vapers have created blogs and websites, even reviewing different e-cigs, flavours, machines and what causes the best clouds.

In the US there are coffee shops dedicated to allowing people to Vape whilst in the UK even though this is just starting it is carrying serious momentum. People go to these cafe-type places to try new flavours and e-liquids with some places offering food, drink and even clothing related to vaping. The number of these tasting bars will be sure to increase with the major cities of London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds all having places.

Vaping e-cigs instead of smoking cigarettes is generally considered safer, better, and cheaper.

Whilst the culture is being directed by the US culture, UK vapers are just as passionate, taking their vaping seriously viewing it as a kind of hobby to enjoy with other enthusiasts. Entrepreneurs and businesses are taking advantage of this demand and creating different products including more advanced machines with more features. The vaping culture has created thousands of jobs and opportunities unseen before.

Vaping e-cigarettes instead of smoking cigarettes is generally considered safer, better, and cheaper.

Last year about 2.9 million people in the UK were thought to use electronic cigarettes

Initial research has suggested that vaping has allowed for more people to stop smoking cigarettes with the number of actual smokers being at the lowest number ever recorded in Britain. More research will surely be completed into what is reportedly a £1bn industry in the UK. This culture is growing and will be sure to stay for many years to come.

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