has recently been relaunched in the United Kingdom and across Europe. The startup initially began as a football ticket comparison website but has evolved to now include all major sporting events into the inventory.

With the increasing amount of ticket comparison websites online Safe Ticket Compare were first on the market and have an avid following online. The previous website was named Ticket Yoda and also focussed on ticket compare.

Safe Ticket Compare aims to bring fans the lowest prices for sports tickets across Europe

The main categories for the website are for Arsenal tickets, Liverpool FC and Manchester United tickets. Buying tickets for football games has always been a difficult process with so many options and no real leader in the market. The development of the website means that all tickets can be compared in one place.

Other Website To Check:

Thomas Cook

The official website for a lot of hospitality tickets in the UK soccer market. Whilst the tickets are often sold out for the big matches, there are often a couple of seats left for all others. However, expect ticket prices to be expensive when using this website.


Classified ad websites for tickets offer an easy way to sell tickets, however this is often the main issue. When fans can easily sell tickets with no real check or verification then this opens up the door for misuse and upset fans.

Official Premier League and UEFA

The first place to check for tickets to all football games is the official websites by the clubs. This is the best way to get the lowest prices for all the games, however there are often membership and loyalty point requirements in order to secure seats.  Here is a list of just a some Premier League teams and the links.


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