The Top 5 Real-World Places for Video Game Fans to Visit

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Generally speaking, videogames and the outside world don’t mix well. However, if you are feeling adventurous, there is a whole wealth of videogame themed places out there for you to explore! Whether you’re looking for great merchandise or great stories to tell friends, these are the top places for gamers.


If you’re interested in the facts and history behind videogames, then America has many museums for you to explore; the American Classic Arcade Museum and California’s Computer History Museum are two of which that offer incredibly educational and interesting opportunities to learn about gaming. The Arcade Museum offers over two hundred preserved arcade games for you to play, whereas the Computer History Museum features regular events and various exhibits from “computer chess” to “how software is produced”.

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For those of you prepared to travel to Japan, Akinhabara “Electric Town” is one of the world’s nerd store heavens. Although Akinhabara focuses more on anime and manga, the area features hundreds of electronics and gaming shops. It is the perfect place to track down hard to find retro-games or limited-edition otaku merch, before taking a break in one of Akinhabara’s many themed cafes.

Nintendo World Store

If the trek to Japan is a bit much, you can settle for a short break at New York instead! Located at the Rockefeller Centre is Nintendo’s flagship store, featuring two floors fully dedicated to Mario and co. With how hard it is to pick up a SNES mini at the moment, this is probably one of the best places to pick one up.

Steam on Twitter

Valve Headquarters

Valve HQ has always been a place of wonder for the pc-gaming community. Within its walls some of the greatest videogames of all time saw their humble beginnings. Steam do still run tours but you’ll be hard-pressed to get a spot, Ryguy314 on Reddit suggests consistently mailing the front desk or making an appearance in person is the best way to secure a spot.

Within you’ll get to see one of the coolest offices in the world which features various artwork and skins of Valve’s amazing art team and community, of which skins such as the AWP Dragon Lore or AWP Medusa have been valued by a site at $2300 and $1800 respectively.

Taiwan, I Hotel

Taiwan is an unexpected final addition to this list as I Hotel Taiwan has been branded a gamer’s paradise. Each room in the hotel features two ASUS gaming rigs complete with 32” monitors, DXRacer gaming chairs and a variety of other ASUS gaming equipment. At $100 a night it’s a good price for a great holiday.

Although these five are our top choices, there is still a lot out there. If nothing takes your fancy conventions like Comic-con or Blizzcon offer a brilliant weekend of games, cosplay and likeminded nerds. Or, if you’re looking for something more scenic, seeing the sets for Lord of the Rings in New Zealand or Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland might instead take your fancy.

All in all, there are many places out there for games to explore and enjoy, so take the opportunity to go and see them yourselves! Happy travels!

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