Top 5 Ways To Improve Productivity At Work

Have you ever wondered what the secret to performing great at work is? What factors help step up your productivity? Well, it is not a rocket science! Employees are always on the hunt for ways to boost their performance at the workplace. A conducive workplace culture, recognition, benefits, desk hacks to improve productivity and management support are some of the core aspects that make employees do better at work. Apart from these, I have compiled some tips to excel at your office and wow your superiors.

Focus On Prioritized Tasks

While many people endorse the idea of multitasking at work and argue about its positive impact on productivity, I believe focusing on important tasks does the job. It can be tempting to complete multiple tasks at a time, especially if they appear comfortable and simple but that does not help boost your productivity. Experts suggest paying attention to one task at a time. When you do that, you are able to perform at your peak potential and complete your chores quicker. With so many activities to do like taking calls, keeping records, attending meetings and reviewing presentations, it is best to invest your professional efforts on high priority tasks, one at a time, so you do them good and fast.

Take A Brain Breather

With an occupied mind and a stressed out cognitive system, do not expect your productivity to skyrocket. The human brain requires regular breaks between tasks for better focus and concentration. Make sure you take these brain breathers during your 8 hours at work to relax your mind. You would be able to process things better and think well with a fresh mind. Taking a 5- minute walk outside or noshing on some snacks during a 10-minute coffee break does wonders to your brain.

Set Realistic and Simple Goals

Productivity strongly relates to the art of setting goals. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to raise extra capital or an employee wanting to design a new solution, setting goals appropriately helps achieve such milestones. The simpler and realistic your goals are, the more augmented is your performance at the workplace. Huge projects stacked in the pipeline can be underwhelming but if you are prepared to clear it up, you should break them into smaller manageable parts where each part represents an individual goal. Then set on accomplishing each one of these, one by one. Simpler goals make it easier to manage and monitor your activities, so you can complete them in time with high efficiency.

Focus On The Heavier Portion

Instead of dashing over to the smaller tasks, focus on the bigger milestone and break it down into manageable subprojects. Employees often tend to shy away from such mammoth tasks because they are apprehensive about their scope & completion. Avoid the jitters! Be confident, take the lead, and focus on these larger tasks first before moving on to the smaller, fewer priority activities.

Follow The 2-Minute Rule

Suggested by the entrepreneur Steve Olenski, the two-minute rule states that any activity, which takes around 120 seconds to complete, is a timesaving task.

Suggested by the entrepreneur Steve Olenski, the two-minute rule states that any activity, which takes around 120 seconds to complete, is a timesaving task. Considering this rule, look for tasks in your activity list, which you can complete within this timeframe and focus on these first. Another perspective of this rule is that you can initiate any task or habit in less than 2 minutes. When defining goals and starting a new task, go for this rule. If you can get every task started within these 120 seconds, then you are saving time and infusing efficiency in your work.

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