How to Train Like a Professional Athlete

Professional sportspeople will spend years honing their craft and many of them follow a punishing training regime on a daily basis. Making it to the very top of your game is extremely difficult, with steely determination, single focus and the ability to push through the pain barrier all viewed as essential traits to help ensure success. We take a look at some of the top sporting workouts and exercises which are deployed by successful athletes.


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Rugby Players

England back-row star James Haskell undertakes a specific workout that focuses on strength and power. He has previously talked about the importance of not isolating specific body parts and ensuring the workout is completed at least three times a week. Key exercises include the Romanian deadlift and three consecutive sets of the dumbbell bicep curl. The process requires a skipping rope and medicine ball, although alternatives can used for those who don’t have the equipment to hand. Single leg exercises are also essential for generating enough power to cater for a sudden or unexpected change in direction, whilst box jumps are also a staple of any rugby player’s workout.

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Professional jockeys need a significant amount of core strength. Most thoroughbreds can move up to 40mph and it requires far more than simply sitting on a horse! Legs, core and lower body are seen as the three key areas, with many jockeys cycling up to 150 miles a week as well as training six days a week. Shadow boxing, bleep tests and squats are three of the key exercises included in most daily routines. Irish jockey Barry Geraghty has previously spoken about the importance of maintaining a durable body and one of his pre-race regimes involves running a couple of laps of the track which helps him get a feel for the underfoot conditions. Geraghty is a previous Cheltenham Gold Cup winner, having ridden Bob’s Worth to victory in 2013, and he is likely to play a huge part at the Festival once again this year. Many early wagers have already been placed on the various races which have been priced up ahead of the 2018 festival with the Champion Hurdle, Arkle and aforementioned Gold Cup, three of the more popular Cheltenham betting ante-post markets.

Squash Players

Professional squash players are required to be incredibly fit and most competitors’ regime will include a couple of hours indoor cycling followed by a series of core exercises such as the plank and medicine ball squats and press. These help build up endurance which will be required for sudden on-court sprinting and the ability to get plenty of power behind each and every shot.

Tennis Players

Tennis matches have the potential to last several hours and stamina is one of the essential requirements for any professional player.

The likes of Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are able to generate significant power in every single shot, even when serving for the match in sweltering conditions.

The forearm muscles, internal rotators in the shoulder and triceps are all key areas which require attention on a daily basis. Common exercises include shoulder punch, bicep curl, seated row and the single-arm dumbbell row. The former involved lying on your back and pushing a medicine ball upwards, holding it in position for a few seconds before repeating twenty times. Squats are also vital for increasing power in the legs, helping players cover more ground.

Every sportsperson will have their own unique routine and most also have a plethora of tailored exercises which are designed to suit their personal fitness circumstances. In order to train like an athlete, several repetitions of each exercise are required and regimes must be completed on a daily basis. It needs plenty of commitment and dedication and a significant improvement in your chosen sport is also likely to materialise.

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