Un-spoil your Child -Tips that work

It’s never any parent’s intention to spoil their child. However, it’s something that tends to happen gradually. It usually starts by parents giving in to whining, buying too many toys or giving too many treats, letting chores go undone and letting the child to play roulette online games. In this article, we focus on how you can teach your child to be grateful and tips on unspooling your child.

Take Note of Spoiled Behaviour

There are symptoms of spooling that you should identify in your child. If your child does any of the following, then know that they are spoiled:

  • Say some mean things so that they can get their way
  • Throw tantrums on a regular basis
  • Never says thank you nor please
  • Keep asking you for something even after you’ve already said no
  • Think they are entitled to everything without having to earn them.
  • Find Out if You Are Playing a Part in your Child’s Behaviour

More often than not, you may be contributing to the way your child is behaving. Some of the things that may spoil your child include:

  • The inability to say no to your child
  • Giving in to certain things which you really shouldn’t
  • Retract a punishment or rule simply because your child he re ted negatively to it
  • Treating your child regularly or buying them things unnecessarily

Don’t Always Say Yes

The habit of saying “yes” all the time is hard to break but it can be done. Most parents find it easy to just give in to demands, thereby avoiding tantrums. However, it should be noted that this gives your child power, there are certain things you can’t allow your child to do such as viewing sports betting websites. Because of that, make sure you learn to say no sometimes. Of course, that might be met with a big reaction but it soon works. Soon, your child will become accustomed to it. And never try to explain why you are saying no because you are the one who’s in charge.

Make Bargains

Always bargain intelligently. If your child wants something, he/she must do something first. In other words, they have to earn it. Soon, your child will realise that nothing comes for free and soon, will think twice before asking for anything.

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