Weekend at The Beach – What to Pack

beach packing

Summer is nearly here and to say we are excited is an understatement. We are already thinking about the beach and looking good at the same time. Summer is definitely the best time of year makes us feel great. With all this excitement we have decided to write an article on what to pack for a weekend at the beach.

1. Bikini

First on the list to take to the beach is a bikini which is of good quality and fits well. We always aim to pack 2 bikinis in case of accidents but for just a weekend a single one should be fine, unless however,  it is that time during the month with a higher probability of accidents. If you have period stress then

2. Change of Clothing

It is important to have a change of underwear and clothing when going to beach, even more so if you have an upcoming period. Knixteen offer a comfortable bikini style underwear which can be worn all day, great for a beach day.

2. Sunscreen

Whilst we always want a good sun tan but we should respect the sun and use sunscreen to protect our skin. The biggest cause of premature ageing is from the UV light from the sun. It is recommended to use sun fact + 30 for the best protection of the skin. Sun sprays are great but cost a little more than regular cream.

3. Portable Charger

If you are like us and like spending the full day on the beach then it is important to have access to a portable charger. Not only for the phone but also for wireless speakers and other electronics. Spend longer on the beach and invest in a good portable charger.

4. Sarong

A sarong is next on our essential items list as it can be used for several different purposes. It can be used to lay on the sand, as an extra drying cloth and also to wear when going from the hotel to the beach. The sarong is a must for all females as you can go from being in a bikini to being fully covered in seconds. With this you can enter restaurants and bars for lunch without having to fully change. Sarongs come in all colors and patterns and can met any tastes you have.

5. Hat

Same point as number 2 but wearing a hat is not only important for blocking the sun but also helps against sun stroke and other side effects of being in direct sunlight on the beach. Choose a hat which covers the full face and back of the neck for maximum protection.

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