What to do outside of Barcelona?

There are a huge amount of sights and activities just outside of Barcelona, but where should you go if you are planning a trip to Barcelona? Weather you simply want a break from the big city or want to gain the unique flavour of the Catalonian region. There is a huge amount of activities you can do, all just a short trip away from the bustling city of Barcelona.

monseratte barcelona

The Magic mountain of Montserrat – Nestled in the mountains of Catalonia, Montserrat is a symbol of the region and the whole country of Spain. There are good transport links from Barcelona and it’s easy to reach using an inclusive guided tour which includes transport. This is a great day out and one of the most historic spots in all of Spain and is considered by many to be the religious centre of Spain.

Walk in the mountains

The mountains of Catalonia offer a great escape from the city and are a sight to behold. Explore the region of Catalonia and not just Barcelona, just like the natives of Barcelona. There are a huge number of routes which you can easily do as a day trip from Barcelona or for the more adventurous multi-day hikes which will take you across this fantastic landscape. The wilderness of Catalonia offers alpine lodges and pristine lakes, glorious for relaxing and just getting in touch with nature. People travel from all over the world to witness this glorious landscape.

Cava tours

The region of Catalonia is world renowned for the production of fantastic sparkling wines. On a Cava tour you will not only sample some of the world’s best wines but you will be shown around the vineyards where the wine is made. These tours leave from the city and are normally highly subscribed. In these tours you will be able to witness some of the world’s most amazing vineyards while sampling outstanding wine.
Getting a taste for the whole of the region will give you a full flavour of Catalonia. There are an enormous number of things for you to see just outside of Barcelona, all easy to get to. There is just so much to do only a short train or bus ride away.  This list is by no means definitive and there are a huge number of other things which you should research and visit to truly make the most out of your visit to Barcelona.

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