I was recently asked by friends here in the US where I recommend they should stay when visiting London this summer on a vacation. Whilst we did live in London for over 12 months I still had to research where I would advise them. London is the best city in the world in my opinion and I was happy to offer the advice. Here are the areas I offered them:


The first area that came to mind was the area of Paddington which is located on the Bakerloo line and is only minutes away from Oxford Road, the Marble Arch and Hyde Park.
Paddington is a great district for hotels for people on all budgets Heathrow offering the convenience of a fast reliable transfer to London’s major airport. You can also find fantastic short-term rentals in central London, making Paddington the perfect spot for your stay.

The area also has a good mix of accommodation catering to all budgets, again something you won’t get closer to the centre. Paddington Station is a major transport hub with four Underground lines radiating out in all directions, you can get to most sights in London within 20 minutes using the London Underground.


The other option I did think about was Mayfair, only because this is the most exclusive part of London and the prices are not cheap. Whilst this not good for people on a budget it does have some of the best hotels in the UK.


Location-wise it is in the heart of London and all property in the area is extremely expensive.  To the north of Mayfair is Oxford Street the main department store street and to the east Regent Street and the edge of the main theatre district. Mayfair is located close major shopping districts and easily accessible from all parts of the city.

Oxford Street

oxford street

Famous for it’s shopping and it is London’s busiest shopping street. Staying close to this main area is a great choice with most hotels and b&bs located  at the western end of Oxford Street at Marble Arch overlooking the north east corner of Hyde Park. The street itself has several tube stops and is tourists to the city can get around very easy. Will my friends like to stay here? I am not sure but think it is a great option close to all major tourist attractions and nightlife of the city.

What do you think of my choices? Where have I missed or should have included in my list.


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